Sustainable development

Mining may seem inconsistent with the concept of sustainable development, given that we excavate "non-renewable" resources; however, mining supplies the minerals and metals that are essential to our quality of life.

Our commitment to sustainable development is an important part of how we do business. Our approach allows us to strengthen local communities through social, environmental and financial investments with strong corporate governance. Aligning our business strategy and daily practices around sustainable development helps us strengthen our operations and products, build enduring communities and provide lasting benefits for our employees and stakeholders.

Read Rio Tinto's current sustainable development report here.

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Economic prosperity

A core component of sustainable development is supporting and enhancing a sustainable economy near our operation. Our continued success is based on our ability to secure access to people, land and capital, and make responsible investments in our future. Our objective is to understand and maximize the benefits we can bring to the economy at local, regional and national levels.

  • Shareholder return
    We will maximize return on investment and reputation over the long term, thereby providing the resources necessary to maximize our contribution to shareholders and invest in sustainable development.

  • Economic contribution
    We offer good jobs, competitive compensation and skills development to our employees. We contribute to community needs and activities.

  • Customer focus
    We deliver to our customers high performance, quality products and outstanding service. We search for and test every opportunity to build stronger customer relationships through proactive engagement, attentive listening and value enhancement of our product and service.

  • Collaboration
    We will actively collaborate within Rio Tinto Kennecott, among Rio Tinto Business Units and with external stakeholders.

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Environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of our commitment to sustainable development. Wherever possible, we prevent or otherwise minimize, mitigate or remediate any potentially harmful effects of our operation on the environment.

  • Product stewardship
    We will operate our product stewardship program to promote the safe and environmentally responsible use of our products. Health, safety and environmental research are priorities in planning for all existing and new products and processes.

  • Pollution prevention
    We strive to minimize releases of pollutants into the environment and minimize waste through the pursuit of source control technology, technical innovation, best management practices and employee involvement.

  • Resource stewardship
    We will maximize efficient mining and process operations, minimize product losses and maximize efficient use of water, energy and raw materials.

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We believe sound corporate governance and high ethical standards give us a competitive advantage in securing access to resources and skilled employees. To us, maintaining sound corporate governance and high ethical standards are as important as the technical and economic aspects of our business. Good governance in areas such as environmental performance, community relations, human rights and employee welfare are vital to our long-term success. Our employees must abide by the same philosophies – accountability, fairness, integrity and transparency – set out in our global code of business conduct: The Way We Work.

  • Management and structures
    We will utilize appropriate management systems, structures, incentives, performance measures and other applicable governance systems in our business to effectively contribute to sustainable development.

  • Business ethics
    We are committed to high standards of corporate governance and conduct our business with honesty, integrity, fairness and transparency. Consistent with this approach we subscribe to the principles embodied in the Rio Tinto Statement of Business Practice: The Way We Work.

  • External governance
    We will seek public input and foster opportunities to work with local, state and federal government and promote policies and laws that support our ability to successfully contribute to sustainable development.

  • Compliance
    We are committed to comply with all legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements and standards.